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100,000 sold in 14 countries.

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Our Story

Leda Art Supply is more than just your ordinary art supplier. Our sketchbooks and pencils are crafted with the same precision and dedication as were the artistic masterpieces of ancient Greece. With inspiration from the mythical story of Leda, we have created a divine collection that will make any artist feel like they are reaching towards the heavens.

Leda Art Supply sketchbooks are perfect for any artist. Our soft covered art journals are designed to feel great in your hand and easy to take with you wherever you go. Our design features smooth, fine art paper that is perfect for all mediums, especially pencil. With 4 sizes available, the most popular size is the A5 medium Leda art journal.

In addition to our sketchbooks, we offer 5B art lead mechanical pencils, art paper pads and colored pencil art kits as well. Founded in 2016 by a college professor and artist who set out on a quest to design a sketchbook that reached the Platonic ideal, Leda Art Supply has sold over 100,000 products with a 4.7 Amazon rating showing how happy our customers are.

Sample our collection of sketchbooks, pencils, paper pads and art kits. Get inspired by your inner muse and reach for the stars with Leda Art Supply!

N E W S  a n d  T  I  P S

Order on Amazon or our Store

Mother Leda is hatching something new! 
Now you can order a square shaped or a landscape shaped Leda sketchbook!

The Atlas Journal is a medium-sized square sketchbook, measuring 8.25 x 8.25 inches. Perfect for artists who love symmetry, this sketchbook is versatile and fits comfortably in your bag for on-the-go sketching. With 160 tear-resistant pages of premium cream-tone fine art paper, it's ideal for a variety of mediums, including ink, water color, pen, and pencils.

The Phoebe Journal, on the other hand, is a landscape-shaped sketchbook that's perfect for capturing wide vistas or panoramic scenes. Measuring 8.25 x 5.7 inches, it offers a broad canvas without compromising on portability. Like the Atlas, the Phoebe features 160 pages of our high-quality, smooth, cream-tone paper that's perfect for colored pencils, ink, pen, charcoal, and light water-color.

Both the Atlas and Phoebe are crafted with a stitched thread binding, enabling them to lay flat for easy drawing. Their textured, all-weather soft covers are water-resistant, protecting your precious art from the elements. An elastic strap holds the pages together, while a back pocket provides storage for your drawing tools or even your phone. Get them at

72 piece drawing set with 5 kinds of pencils and fold out nylon zipper case AND a premium A5 medium sketchbook. All tucked inside a gift box.
Mother Leda packed all of her best stuff into one group just for you! Check out "Magnificent Behemoth Art Supply Bundle"

Says Stephen B.
Leda is my preferred notebooks!

These are my preferred writing notebooks: sturdy; right size; opaque paper; able to stand up to being trucked around with me wherever I wander. Top notch.



Says UK Customer 

I just thought that I would drop a quick message to say that back in January when I first purchased one of your sketchbooks, I was initially reluctant to buy it as I had not heard of your brand before so was not too sure what the quality was going to be like. 

A couple of months later and I now own three of your sketchbooks, I am never going to buy another brand again - the quality and value for money is just AMAZING. 

I use mine as more of an artistic journal than a sketchbook so it gets bashed about an awful lot and has all sorts of mediums purposely thrown on it eg tea, coffee, and fabric and it has not even shown one sign that it is going to fall apart. 

Thank you so much for creating quite possibly, the best sketchbook ever, Leda sketchbooks for the win!

-- Florence from the UK

The 100 Best Notebooks, As Tested by New York Magazine's Strategist Editors.

Hardcover or soft? Leather or cloth? Spiral-bound or sewn? Are the pages gridded? Are they a comfortable writing size? Do they tear out easily? Whether you use your notebook mainly for jotting, reporting, journaling, list-making — or some Beautiful Mind–esque combination of all of the above — the details really matter. And there are so many to consider. Finding the best options can be an obsessive quest — and thus one we couldn’t resist.

New Leda Sketchbook Images

Bunny in a Cup by Victoria Lee.
See all images here. 

Mother Leda has a word for you.
Watch for our Newsletter The Waddle and Skim with giveaways and art contests. Each issue we give away a sketchbook and more! Sign up by joining our Private Facebook Leda VIP Group.

Forest Bathing with Leda 
Take the Plunge

Graffiti Art Blogger Jon Grim Compares the Leda Medium sketchbook to Moleskine A5 sketchbook. Watch him draw in this 6.30 minute review.
Artist Spotlight: Alice Hendon

a review by Alice Hendron.
Artist Spotlight: Sandy Ramirez.

New Leda Photos!
Delightful texture

All four sizes. 

Customer Review July 23, 2019
"This is hands down my favorite sketchbook! I don't leave the house without one. 
I currently own all sizes and love all of them. Great paper weight as well as the tone!"

Elijah from Colorado Springs

New York Artist Sandy Ramirez Sketch in Pocket Leda 

Color Your World with the Leda Colored Mechanical Pencil Holder!
Colored lead holder with refill packs.

Just swimming! So much fun its dazzling. 
Like having 19 wood colored pencils in one. Leda Mechanical Lead Holder with refill packs. Price reduction makes it all the better. $14.47.
Check it out. 

Pablo Borda begins a commission in Spain

Pablo's Excellent Spanish Adventure

Extra Large Ledas have Landed!
One small step for Leda, one giant leap for her fans.
Sold out for a month and a half, Mother Leda is happy to share the good news that you can order the 8.25 x 11.5 inch Extra Large premium art journal again on Amazon!

Lucky Charms: Saint Patrick's Day Sketch 
☘️ by artist @bellamarksart 😍

Valentines Day Art Contest Entries 
Vanessa Lorenzo‎

New York Magazine Rates Leda "Best Sketchbook for Artists"!

“After purchasing both the three-by-five-inch and five-by-eight-inch versions of this sketchbook, I am completely, utterly, and resolutely sold on this sketchbook. These are easily the finest sketchbooks I have ever had the good fortune to use — far beyond anything Moleskine, Leuchtturm, or Rhodia has to offer. The quality is impeccable, the price unbeatable, the craftsmanship superb. Once my next paycheck comes in, I’m ordering ten more of these. I absolutely cannot lavish Leda with enough praise. After spending almost a decade trying to find the perfect sketchbook, I have, at last, succeeded. Thank you, Leda.”

Leda Art Supply is pleased to help support the work of Seattle area charity Art with Heart.
This non-profit uses the healing power of creativity to help children and teens facing hardships. 

Leda's Put to Test in Palm Springs 
Leda Art Supply Founder GJ Gillespie
Tested the Travel Journal on his Christmas Vacation 

__________________________ Feedback from Customer
Dec. 24
"This is more like 6 out of 5 stars, it arrived super fast as a gift for my lovely friend whos a artist . The paper feels super high quality and the overall feel of it is just amazing, I ordered the Extra Large which is the size of a typical large notebook, I'm ordering one of the minis for myself now."


Flights of Fancy 
Pablo Martin Borda adds a light watercolor wash in his medium Leda sketchbook drawing.

Christa Joubert___________
All in for Leda? 
Join the Private Leda VIP Facebook page.

Fans Sing Praise to Leda

November 27, 2018
This sketch book is really amazing. The paper is so amazing I haven’t felt anything like it and it takes pencil and pen beautifully it was exactly as described and I will continue buying from Leda art supply.
Abagail, TULSA, OK

Vicky Wood sketch in Medium Leda 

Heads up: Third Leda Sketch Pack Giveaway is in the works. . .
Win $500 worth of art materials! More soon. __________________________________________

                    Leda Going to Japan! 
Soon our friends in Japan will be able to help make the world a more beautiful place with Leda sketchbooks. Amazon has invited us to expand to Japan and neighboring nations.

Sketch by Pablo Borda. More more of his art. 

Thanks to the generosity of fans, Leda Art Supply made a nice donation
to the Washington State artist support organization Artist Trust. 

The Leda Art Supply Story

We need likes for our new Leda Product Video. 

is helping kids Thanks to Chelsey Thornton at the Seattle area community art organization Art with Heart for granting permission for us to use this photo on our Amazon pages.

Leda Art Supply donates five percent net profits to Art with Heart because they are doing fantastic work bringing the healing power of creativity to children and teens facing hardship and trauma.

Pocket "Baby" Leda Sketchbook is 3.5 x 5.5 inches

Art Blogger Alice Hendon's 100 Day Baby Leda Project. One page a day at The Creator's Leaf 

Springtime for Leda

John Ruiz, The Artful Stationer, gets creative 

The Artful Stationer makes amazing design with Leda Colored Pencil Set

Amazon Gives Leda Pencil Set Choice Badge! 

Amazon's Choicefor "mechanical pencil drawing"

Leda Put to Mixed Media Test:
Result? Leda passes with flying colors!

Mother Leda's Cupboard is Restocked

: Check out the Leda Mechanical Colored Pencil Set and our new Lead Refill Pack.

Kyle announces lucky winners before 100 Facebook fans.


                                      NEW ADDITIONS!  
                        Two more seats at Mother Leda's table
Leda Mechanical Lead Refill Pack. 
Leda Mechanical Colored Pencil Set.

Testing Leda in the Deserts of Eastern California MORE
Leda Put to Test in deserts of Palm Springs
Tough job, but somebody has to do it!

Review: Leda Art Supply Sketchbook

A few months ago, I was sent a Leda Art Supply sketchbook to check out. After using it for a while with various drawing media, I'm pretty impressed by the quality. MORE

Cup of Tea
Leda is "a work of art" says Suman

Joannes's latest doodle in her Leda. 
Leda gets Best Seller Badge in Germany! 

Alekandra's art using the Leda sketchbook

Leda takes a variety of mediums.  

Mother Leda Made a Pencil Set Just for You! 
5B art lead designed for sketching! 

Check out the Leda Mechanical Pencil Set now live on Amazon!

A+ Pencil Set! Say Jared

This pencil kicks ####. I had picked up a 5 pack of
different types of pencils in different lead gauges and softness and
must say id rather have the single pencil vs the set i purchased.
i think a lot of people will really dig this . 

Its an A+ sketch pencil. Never owned such a nice writing
utensil will have to keep guard of it closely because I can tell 
that my finance wants it too lol. 

—Email from Leda fan Jared from Florida, 9, 11, 2017

Leda Odyssey Sketchbook Review by GxArtistic

Gary and Teresa Gillespie in LA
Leda Goes LA LA

Tabitha says: Been watching a lil too much GOT lol.
Graphite pencils and koi watercolor palette in my large Leda sketchbook

This artist loves Leda sketchbooks.
Watch this 4 minute review from BitterSweetNitemare.

Leda is perfect for recording your memories. 

Leda sketchbooks now available in the UK,
 Germany, France, Italy and Spain! 

New York Graffiti Artist Praises Leda!
"Best sketchbook I've ever used!" says Artist Block

Leda Goes to Whistler 
Medium and large Leda on vacation 

The ideal travel book took a vacation to the Canadian mountain ski town for some summer fun. Designed to weigh less than hardbacked art journals, the Leda is perfect for sketching plein air.

Congratulations Pavel Tomekek 
Mother Leda is Pleased

for Posting our 500th Review
Reaching 500 reviews in the competitive niche of sketchbooks on Amazon is an amazing milestone for our small company.

Mother Leda sent Pavel a 3 Size multi pack of our premium sketchbooks as a commemorative gift. Go Pavel!

Leda is the perfect travel sketchbook

Use the Leda to Make Photos. 

Photographer Discovers how to Print a photo
directly onto his sketchbook! 

Enthused Customer Praises Leda
(June 7, 2017)
I have received the Leda Odyssey Sketchbook and am very pleased with it! 
I very much like the paper finish, tooth, and off-white color. I have done a couple of sketches in 2-B pencil in it and love the wide range of values possible. The 7x10 size is perfect for my needs also. 

I like the durable cover material and the overall construction! And, the back pocket is an added bonus that I didn't expect. Great sketchbook! Thanks! 

Get Leda's Sketchbooks in Bundles!
Do you have a whole lotta of sketchin' going on?

Pick a combination and save on one order.

2. Small, medium, large.

Amazon now Global
Leda customers worldwide are now able to purchase our premium sketchbook on the site with the new Global Export program.
At checkout, the amount paid by includes international shipping and any customs fees or import duties. Shipment rates and fees vary depending on your delivery address.

Learn to observe plants and animals on the trail.
Maybe a quick Grizzly bear sketch? 
Leda Art Supply Brand Ambassador Jeff Wohl -- a wilderness hiking instructor -- just sent us photos of a training session for new leaders that he lead in Wyoming.

Part of the training includes how to make a backcountry journal. We sent him a box of small books just for the class.

The new National Outdoor Leadership School instructors will include journalling on the trips that they will direct in the weeks to come.

These guides will soon teach hikers
the art of wilderness journaling
Jeff uses the Leda Pocket sketchbook for all of his backpacking trips. He says that the paper works well for sketches with watercolor wash. The book is lightweight too which makes your backpack easier to haul up the trail.

The pocket Leda is the perfect hiking companion for your wilderness treks this summer. Get one for each member of your group. Right size for kids too.

Order on Amazon.
Three small sketchbooks in one pack.

More about Jeff and the conference. 

This just in. An eBay marketing agent contacted us to say that their metrics show the Leda sketchbook could be a big seller on eBay. They helped us improve our listing and offered free international shipping.

When set up, we will offer FREE international shipping with eBay! That means that Leda fans in Canada, Mexico, Australia, Japan and the middle east will be able to order direct. We are working on getting the book to Europe on Amazon.

We will keep you posted when free international shipping is live!

Soon we will be one step closer of fulfilling our mission of helping artists make the whole world a more beautiful place. Go eBay!

Leda Sketchbook worth weight in platinum, says writer 
Mervette from Victoria, Canada loves the Leda paper for journaling. We were delighted to see her review posted on our buy direct web page. 

Keeping Leda Dry in the Wilderness
Leda Brand Ambassador Jeff Wohl with the National Outdoor Leadership School
on a hike in the historic Gila wilderness in New Mexico. MORE

Art by Isabella made with a premium Leda sketchbook. #sketching

Sketch by Spider Ham

One of the Best Sketchbooks Ever! 
Says Amazon Reviewer Spider Ham

"This may be one of the best sketchbooks I've ever used. The pocket in the back is perfect for keeping my stencils and triangle. 

Pages are nice and thick and perfect for pen and pencil work.

The medium size book fits perfect in my backpack and the book has held up to daily wear and tear much better than a normal spiral bound sketchbook....

The cream color pages do a good job of show casing your work and color pencils look great on them. 
All in all great book and I will buy again."

Artist Makes Music with Leda:

Sample Seller's Feedback
  • This sketchbook is perfect for me. I needed a new sketchbook for work so I can stay creative and sketch new ideas down. I really love the size and the texture of the Leda Sketchbook. I also love the Greek Mythology behind the name. I always appreciate a great Greek Mythology story. I will definitely get another. Jane Brown, /5/17

  • "I *love* this sketchbook! The paper is like butter - so smooth but thick enough to handle lots of different media. The buff color is nice to work on. It shows off colors so well. The cover is soft and flexible but seems quite sturdy. I'll definitely purchase this brand again and again." Lana Stuart, 3/1/17

    Charcoal Delight: In Praise of Paper

More art by Human Here 

Watercolor sketch by
Debbie Riley updated her Amazon product review of the Leda sketchbook and posted some artwork. 

In an email she praised the book and says 

  • "I spend a lot of time with your sketchbooks every day so I am thrilled to get another one.  I love everything from the soft texture of the covers, to the excellent paper, to the elegant logo on the covers.  All good."

Leda Passes with Flying Colors 
Testing Leda Proves Paper is Beautiful
says Art Teacher.
Art Teacher Puts Paper to the Test

Artist and art instructor Valerie McCaffrey of Beverly Farms, MA ordered a Leda sketchbook for possible use in her travel sketchbook class.

She tested the paper and was impressed.

“The paper behaved beautifully with the Prismacolor pencils.” she said.

Valerie decided to use the Leda for her up coming class.

Check out her art and more about her classes:

Leda Brand Ambassador Artist Angel Velasquez at Comic Con 2017

Cartoonist Angel Velasquez sent us a photo all four sizes of the Leda

Gray Jay sketch by Leda Brand Ambassador Jeff Wohl
of the Outdoor Leadership School.
Read more about Jeff 

Honoring Jesse Hsieh

The Leda team had lunch with Jesse Hsieh from Fullerton, CA on Friday, Dec. 16. Jesse took us up on
our offer to take any Leda Art Supply customer to coffee who comes to Kirkland. He was visiting the area to attend a wedding.
The seven of us met at the Wilde Rover Irish Pub in Kirkland to honor Jesse as our 10,000th customer. We gave him a commemorative sketchbook, a coffee card and promised to give him more sketchbooks on request.
He showed us his artwork in several sketchbooks including the Leda. Jesse is an accounting major and art minor at Cal State Fullerton.
Our photographer John videotaped the lunch. We will post the video in a few weeks.
Congratulations Jesse!

Artist Kavita Subramanian Loves Leda Sketchbooks 

Art by Leda Fan 

Kavita Subramanian 

Seattle artist loves the Leda paper for her sketches.
"I have filled up my Leda sketch book with many pictures. I really like the texture and the thickness of the paper- it makes ink look beautiful as does color pencil and graphite. And the leather like cover is excellent anti-slip- very reassuring. The paper color- magnifique!"

       Inside Larry' Art Studio

Sketchbook on Naturalist's Checklist when heading into the mountains.
Read more about Jeff Wolh's trip

Art by Lindsey

New Video: Kyle Flips Through the Leda Sketchbook

And the winners are....


Mother Leda's Private VIP Elysium is closed to only special members of Mother Leda's Brood of Fans. Fifty percent off, be the first to hear about Art Vacations Giveaways and more! Go to the page and request membership. Maybe Leda will be gracious and let you in.

Jeff Wohl used Leda Pocket Sketchbook for month long hike

Alex from Florida Loves Leda

Sketches by Artist Alex Harris

Artist Brenna Garcia Shares drawing of Bill Cipher


                                                                 Larry Calkins on Leda       

Enough to Warm a Mother's Heart--

"Best sketchbook I have ever owned!"

Leda Art Supply Story, June, 10, 2015

About the Sketchbook

7 x 10 inch thread bound sketchbook featuring a resilient soft cover that protects your art and provides support as you draw in the field. 

At one pound two ounces it is light weight and perfect for traveling. Elastic band, bookmark, accordion pocket for pencil included. 

160 pages of light beige-colored pages await your handiwork. 

Heavier 120 g -- 81 pound paper is ideal for artwork using many mediums. 

Our paper is 30 percent heavier than the weight of basic sketchbooks and takes application of pencil, ink, pen, pastel, charcoal and even a light water-color wash. 

Plush Slate Gray all Weather Cover feels great to hold

Read the Rave Reviews on Amazon. 

Sketchers adore Leda. 

NO RISK: If you find that our paper isn't suited for your artwork, request a no-hassle refund.

Need a gift for a creative person in your life? Gift-wrapping available.

Leda Odyssey now only $19.94.
Order the Odyssey sketchbook on Amazon.

Environmental and Community Focused
  • The Forest Stewardship Council certifies our non-acid paper as environmentally friendly.
  • Five percent net profits from your purchase donated to children and teens facing hardships through Art with Heart.  Check out photos of the kids here. 

Leda Art Supply

helping artists make the world a more beautiful place. 

Quality Guarantee 
You will love using our artist sketch pads.

If you find some problem, please contact us so we can make it right. 

We replace any damaged or defective book. 

                            The Leda story

Goodnews for Artists is an educational blog dedicated to spreading the word about better ways to sketch. Images here are for educational and inspirational purposes. 







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