May the Creative Force be with you!

Drawings of Star Wars Characters by Artist Alex Ruiz using the Premium Leda Art Journal

We noticed the positive review with some photos of his sketches by this happy Leda customer and asked if we could post more on our blog. 

Here is what Alex thinks about our Odyssey sketchbook. 

"I really dig this sketchbook! The only reason I gave four stars is because I wish the sketchbook was bigger! Aside from that it's fantastic, very nice smooth paper that can handle markers really well. Will definitely pick another one up."

(Don't worry Alex. The large 8.5 x 12 inch "Zeus" is on the drawing boards at the Leda Art Supply labs right now.) 

Nice work Alex. The creative force is with you! 
See more of his cool art here. 

About: Goodnews for Artists is an educational blog dedicated to spreading the word about better ways to sketch. Images here are for educational and journalistic purposes. 

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