Leda University: Tip and Tricks for Sketching

Basic Drawing for Beginners -- 16 minutes

New York Graffiti Artist demonstrates his art with a Leda sketchbook!

Figure Drawing Tips -- 15 minutes 

Drawing Tutorial -- 15 minutes 

Northwest Artist Larry Calkins 
Flip Through Sketchbook Interview -- 11 minutes 

Sketchbook Tour: 
Example of How You can create a travel video with your sketchbook.

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About: Goodnews for Artists is an educational blog dedicated to spreading the word about better ways to sketch. Images here are for educational and journalistic purposes. 


  1. Will you ever be choosing a method of sale that will ship to the UK. I would really like one of your sketchbooks but Amazon won't ship it to me.


  2. Hi Louise. You would like to order a Leda sketchbook but live in the UK and Amazon doesn't ship there from the US.

    We will be selling in Europe this time next year 2017. We need to set up a bank account in the UK and get products in the warehouses there first.

    I would be happy to mail you one from our office if you are willing to pay for shipping. I will give you the book at no charge (since Mother Leda really likes our UK friends.)

    Shipping by UPS will be around $24 I think (can get the exact amount when I know your address) and you can pay by PayPal to my account. But, we will be getting a new shipment of books next week so I can't do this until July 8. gary.gillespie@northwestu.edu

    Or you can send us a certified check made out to me.
    Gary Gillespie
    Leda Art Supply
    6708 118th PL NE
    Kirkland, WA 98033
    425 889 9418

    If you would like any of the three sizes at no charge and are willing to pay shipping let me know. Contact me at gjgillespie@ledaofkirkland.com. that is G J Gillespie (one word). or garjog@gmail.com

    If there are any problems I promise to refund your costs.

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