Leda Pleases “Beyond Wildest Dreams” 
Fans Call New Sketchbook a Hidden Gem

KIRKLAND, Dec. 5, 2015 

Christmas is Coming:
Do you need a gift for a creative person? 
Today, Leda Art Supply has shared four interesting facts about the company and its premium Odyssey sketchbook designed for artists. The large 7 x 10 inch features 160 pages of beige-colored, high quality paper that is uniquely designed for pencil, ink, pen, pastel and charcoal mediums. This soft cover, light weight art pad ideal for expressing your creative inspirations. Consumers within the art world should find these particularly nuggets of information interesting.

Four Nuggets You Didn't Know about Leda Art Supply:

Express Yourself with Leda
1) How the idea for creating The Odyssey Sketchbook was inspired: 

Co-Founder and Creative Director at Leda Art Supply, GJ Gillespie and his wife, Teresa, enjoyed traveling the world making sketches of sights and people they encountered. After creating hundreds of sketchbooks filled with drawings with watercolor wash, they became sketching aficionados. The artist couple discovered that one of the best ways to enhance a vacation is to take up sketching.

“Sketching causes travelers to slow down, look carefully at the scenes and notice features in the landscape that might otherwise be missed,” says 
Gillespie. "When a sketchbook is filled, it becomes a lasting memento of a trip." 

From these travel adventures the Leda was born.

Selling Fast as Holiday Gifts
2) How quickly this premium sketchbook was developed:

The Odyssey Sketchbook had an amazingly fast development time of only two months. The Leda product team spent weeks searching the globe for the perfect balance of size and paper quality, and they It just demonstrates what highly motivated, passionate people can accomplish in a short period of time. The flagship product of the fledgling company quickly made it way to page one of Amazon.com.

When GJ Gillespie dreamed of the perfect sketchbook, he quickly realized that many of the sketchbooks on the market bleed ink or easily tear. The problem was overcome by after weeks of research and multiple test variations, when Leda Art Supply developed an environmentally friendly, 81-pound paper that can handle pencil, ink, pen, pastel, charcoal and light water-color wash without bleeding or tearing. 

Ideal Travel Sketchbook

3) How Leda connects with customers: 
GJ Gillespie is quoted saying: "We like to connect with our customers to spur on their creativity. For example, we like sharing and promoting their art, giving shoutouts on social media, and we have even have been known to send random gifts out to our tribe at times.
Also, sharing the company's story and how the products were developed are ways to connect. Leda Art Supply is a small company trying to make a difference."

Leda’s strong customer support and high quality product has earned 93 percent five star reviews on Amazon.com.
The Leda fan base is growing. Artist J. Mercer shared her opinion in this review:

“I bought the Leda art pad because of all the rave reviews. I am taking an urban sketch class. It requires running here, there and everywhere with my supplies. The sketch book is what I consider the most important art supply. I figured the Leda would be okay-ish, but instead it was far better than my wildest dreams.
"The size is ideal for traveling. It is the perfect size for shoving into any bag. None of my inks bleed thru. I can even quickly wash a sketch with a light watercolor and the paper does fine. It is very comfortable to hold and sketch with too... Hence, the soft cover. Now I appreciate why all of the 5 star ratings. Give it a try!”-- Artist J. Mercer

Leda, Mother of Helen of Troy

4) What's next for Leda Art Supply: 

The Odyssey Sketchbook was released as part of Leda Art Supply's commitment to creating amazing experiences for artists. This commitment is rooted in Leda's core mission of "helpings artists make the world a more beautiful place."

Plans are in the making to launch a medium and small version of the popular art journal in January. 

Beyond producing great products, Leda is fulfilling this mission by donating five percent of their net profits to Art with Heart, a community art program benefiting children and teens facing hardships. This means buying from Leda is a win-win for the artist and the community as a whole.

Order on Amazon today http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00YVS969S

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