Kavita Subramanian Shares Her Art

Seattle artist and Gage Art Academy student Kavita Subramanian liked her Leda sketchbook so much she sent us images of her art, some made with the premium journal. Wonderful work Kavita! 

Kitten by Kavita Subramanian

Camel by Kavita Subramanian

Jen by Kavita Subramanian
Says Kavita: 
"I have filled up my Leda sketch book with many pictures. I really like the texture and the thickness of the paper- it makes ink look beautiful as does color pencil and graphite. And the leather like cover is excellent anti-slip- very reassuring. The paper color- magnifique!"

Check out here art here. 

Figure by Kavita Subramanian

Fechin Master by Kavita Subramanian

Hawk by Kavita Subramanian

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