Leda Art Supply Hatches Something New!

Meet The Mother And Baby Of All Sketchbooks
Kirkland, WA April 2

Ancient story tellers say that when the god Zeus fell in love with a mortal woman named Leda he turned him self into a magic swan to woo her.  Their union produced children like Castor and Pollack and Helen of Troy who were hatched out of eggs. Castor and Pollack went on to become shining stars in the heavens and Helen of Troy judged the most beautiful woman in the world.

Introducing two smaller versions of its Odyssey travel sketchbook, Leda Art Supply of Kirkland, Washington is becoming as prolific as its namesake, says Creative Director GJ Gillespie. 

“Leda gave birth to a host of demi-gods and we are multiplying too. Today we add two new spots to the sketchbook pantheon. Its all part of our mission to help artists make the world a more beautiful place.”

“For months customers on Twitter, Intsagram and Amazon have sung the praises of Leda’s large, 7 x 10 inch Odyssey art journal,” says Gillespie, pointing out that the product has earned an 89 percent five-star rating on Amazon.  

One reviewer called it “the best sketchbook I have ever used.” Another customer compared the notebook to the art world’s most legendary brand, “Move over Moleskine. Leda is here.” One woman wrote that the sketchbook pleased her “beyond my wildest dreams.”

“Social proof is building our reputation as a trusted brand,” Says Gillespie, referring to an another typical five star review:

Leda is Here!
Birth of an Art
World Legend 
"I received the Leda sketchbook immediately (within 2-3 days) and I love it. It was packaged wonderfully and arrived unscathed (insert smiley face here). This is the best scratch book I have owned and will purchase again and again. I ordered this based off others reviews of the product and was not disappointed at all.”

“With engagement like that it is no wonder that sales have skyrocketed,” Gillespie said.

Yet among Leda’s growing brood of fans, he says, came a lament: why not more sizes? In response the Mother Leda and the Baby Leda were born. Made with the same flexible, soft leather-like cover and dense 81 pound paper the new sketchbooks are smaller versions of the proven best selling Odyssey.  

At 5.5 x 8.25 inches the medium sized Mother Leda is the most popular size of art journals chosen by artists. And at 5.5 x 3.5 inches, the Baby Leda is small enough to fit in a pocket for sketching any time.
Cute Baby Leda 

All three versions offer 180 pages of dense paper that take application of a variety of mediums, including pencil, pen, ink and even a light water color wash. Customers report that the paper shows very little bleeding of ink, if at all.

“Our goal is to give artists more options for fulfilling their creative fantasies,” says Gillespie, himself an artist.  

“Nothing on the market met my expectations. So I set out on a quest to create my own brand. Now in the days after the two new variations were added to our Amazon page, we’ve seen a 50 percent increase in sales. Reviewers continue to rave. Just like Zeus in the ancient myth customers are in love with Leda.”

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  1. They say Leda is better than Moleskine or Canson. Really?

    We have fallen in love with Leda. http://www.amazon.com/Leda-Art-Supply-Softbound-Sketchbook/dp/B00YVS969S/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8

    1. I have almost gone through my second in less than 2 mos and just ordered one of each size... and I DO like Moleskine

    2. Thanks for letting us know. Here is a $5 off coupon for the medium book just for you Christine. QTAP-KN5TQ4-36T9CH