Wilderness Guide Teaches Backcountry Journaling

Journaling on the Trail 
Learn to observe plants and animals on the trail.
Maybe a quick Grizzly bear sketch? 
Leda Art Supply Brand Ambassador Jeff Wohl -- a wilderness hiking instructor -- just sent us photos of a training session for new leaders that he lead in Wyoming.

Part of the training includes how to make a backcountry journal. We sent him a box of small books just for the class.

The new National Outdoor Leadership School instructors will include journalling on the trips that they will direct in the weeks to come.
These guides will soon teach hikers
the art of wilderness journaling
Jeff uses the Leda Pocket sketchbook for all of his backpacking trips. He says that the paper works well for sketches with watercolor wash. The book is lightweight too which makes your backpack easier to haul up the trail.

The pocket Leda is the perfect hiking companion for your wilderness treks this summer. Get one for each member of your group. Right size for kids too.

Order on Amazon.
Three small sketchbooks in one pack. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0719N9PDR

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