Watercolor Sketches by Debbie Riley

Leda Sketchbook Fan Shares Her Art
Debbie from Maryland updated her Amazon product review of the Leda sketchbook and sent us some of her sketches with watercolor wash.

Here is her 5 star review from July:
    Hooded Figure by Debbie Riley
  • "Wonderful sketchbooks. Very well made. Watercolor (light wash) and ink did not bleed through page. I will definitely buy another one when this one is full."

Then on February 28 she added images of her art and said: 
  • "I spend a lot of time with your sketchbooks every day so I am thrilled to get another one.  I love everything from the soft texture of the covers, to the excellent paper, to the elegant logo on the covers.  All good."

Wandering Ivy by Debbie Riley

Portrait Study by Debbie Riley

Cool of the Shade by Debbie Riley

Horse of Course by Debbie Riley
portrait by Debbie Riley 

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