Monday, July 4, 2016

Artists Love Leda

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 Perfect gift 
By A. Kinney on Dec 07, 2016 
Really nice quality paper, with a durable cover... just a little texture to make it easy to hold on to while sketching. I like the size. It just happened to fit into a Walmart gift tin along with a colored pencil set and a pencil case. Perfect gift for an artist. The book also has a durable elastic band for holding the book closed. I have a friend who keeps his and pieces in her journals, so she would love that she could flip the band around the book to keep it closed snugly. I love it.

By Steven A Redinger on Jul 04, 2016 
Have 2 of these and love the size, feel and weight of the paper, the feel of the cover. Typically I'll start a sketchbook and trade off for something else after a short time, but this brand has stuck with me for months. I like the smoother toothed paper for pencil and pen, and capturing smaller detail with mechanical pencils. It is large enough to freely sketch on without feeling like I'm trying to draw within too small a space, and still the right size if I need to be standing and sketching. 

It also works well with my 5mm Ultra-thin USB Power Light Pad when I want to trace an underlay I had happened to sketch elsewhere. It has travelled with me very well, is durable, and fit's perfectly in my favorite shoulder bag. The light beige tone of the paper is pleasant and comfortable to view, and black and white scans reproduce cleanly (the sketchbook also opens to lay flat on the scanner nicely). I WILL be purchasing more of these in the future.

Artist Steven Redinger says Leda is the "Best sketchbook I have ever owned." 


  1. Sketchbook is perfect for the ones who are really good at sketching or arts and I can tell from your work that you really have good polished skills of sketching. Great work

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