Art with Heart Helping Kids in Seattle

Sketchbook Start Up Gets Behind Charity
Kirkland, May 5

LEDA ART SUPPLY Creative Director GJ Gillespie praised a Seattle area charity today for helping children and teens facing hardships. Art with Heart uses art therapy to provide emotional support for kids dealing with tough times in their lives. Through art projects and story books, the organization is dedicated to helping children in crisis heal through creative expression.
“From the beginning of our company we wanted to give back to the community,” says Gillespie, himself an artist
“After researching area charities that a align with our values we were impressed by the work of Art with Heart. The success stories of children are an inspiration. That is why our executive team decided to devote a percentage of our profits to this highly effective group.”
Gillespie reported that the start up art materials company based in Kirkland, a suburb of Seattle, made a donation to the group today.
“April was one of our best months since launching in July, 2015. Customers are going nuts praising our art sketchbook on Amazon. After 155 reviews we’ve earned an 89 percent five star rating. Business is booming and the result is we have more to give,” he says.
In response Art with Heart sent a thank you message. “Thank you for your generous donation! Because of your compassion, we will continue to provide help, hope and healing to children in need through the power of creativity. With your support, we will continue our mission to help children in crisis heal through creative expression.”
The group partners with more than 16 schools, hospitals and professional nonprofit agencies to engage high-needs youth in an effort to use creative expression to support mental health and well-being.
“The Leda Art Supply mission is the help artists make the world a more beautiful place,” said Gillespie. “By giving to Art with Heart we are advancing that cause. Every time an Amazon customer chooses to purchase from us, they have the satisfaction of knowing kids are getting some love and attention.”
When learning that Leda Art Supply devotes a portion of earnings for charity, Amazon reviewer Kristin El Kasmi remarked: “I really love that 5 percent net profits from my purchase will be donated to Art with Heart, a community art program helping children and teens facing hardships. Impact: your art helps kids.”
Another reviewer Saqib Noor agrees: “This is really a great quality, durable and good looking sketchbook by Leda Art Supply, which is a local company which I really like, plus even though its a small company, they are donating five percent net profits from the purchase to Art with Heart, which is a community art program helping children and teens facing hardships. Overall this is a great product, which I highly recommend. This product and seller truly deserve a five star rating.”

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