Sandy Ramirez

Sandy Ramirez
 Inktober entries
Day 31 finally made it to the end of another#inktober

Day 30

Day 25 "Flamenco Sketches" because I listen to too much Miles Davis #inktober

Day 26 so I was shooting @vox.serene today and while finishing up my shooting notes
I'd thought for my #inktober I'd thought of sharing a spread from my photography sketchbook.
Here you see what I actually use ink and wash for.

Day 28 well just finished watching the#worldseries2018 and my Boston Red Sox win for the 4th time in my lifetime.
Just had time to do this quick gesture silhouette of a 
#ballerina#inktober #inktober2018 #penandpaper

ink and wash portrait of @abbeyrainx based on a photo from her feed.
Many thanks Abbey for the permission

Day 29

Day 2 of #inktober2018 and here is a #portrait of Dragan. Dragan is a bit of a mix of Colonel Mortimer and the old barkeep from Sergio Leone's "Man With No Name" trilogy. The whole story forming in my mind has that vibe right now

Day 3 Speír was created during #sketchbooksummer. Originally I had thought of her as some sort of ingénue, but as the challenge proceeded and I let the character character speak to me, I discovered that her ingénue persona was merely a mask to what her true nature was. The daughter of The Vernal Queene, Speír is the very embodyment of darkness in the world of Scáth
Day 4 and my first piece in color ever for#inktober. The Vernal Queene again was
created near the very end of
#sketchbooksummer this year. 

Day 27. So today I developed the glass plate and tintypes
I shot yesterday and worked on the script of #necromancer

Day 5 as I was preparing for the next phase of my journey in #inktober this year
 I realized that as I wrote the story for The Necromancer I was short four major characters. 

Day 6 part 1 just finished up the preliminary sketch of my next character
for The Necromancer, Gaoth the wind elemental.
Day 6 part 2 Gaoth is the Elemental of the wind. She is associated
with The Vernal Queene in The Necromancer story

Day 8 and taking a break from Necromancer and decided to draw a few faces using
my Pentel of America pocket brush pen in both my bristol and Leda Art Supply Zeus.

Day 9 and here is the final Elemental for The Necromancer, Talough. Starting tomorrow
I will start here the story of Scáth with daily page by page panels from whatever story that pops out.
None of this is final art, just #sketches in #ink
I hope you all enjoy it and please support the art on Patreon
Day 10 as I mentioned yesterday from this point going forward I'll be illustrating
the story of Scáth. The story is inspired by the Man With No Name trilogy by Sergio Leone
and the first half of Él Topó by Alejandro Jodorowsky.
Day 12 page 2 panel 2
October 13 Day 13 page 2 panels 3 and 4
as well as the completed page 2
Day 15  page 3 of #necromancer 

Day 15 Page 3 #necromancer

Day 16 page 4 panel

Day 18 still figuring out how to approach the final
 two panels of page 4 so here is a quick pen and marker sketch
Day 19 page 4 panel 2

Day 23 still scripting the next scene of #necromancer so instead of Scáth
I give you a portrait of 
Faye Brandt from a shoot we did as part of
Photographer & Muse

Sandy Ramirez
Day 21 have to script out the next scene of #necromancer,
I will provide you with a few sketches of various things I want to shoot

Day 20 page 4 panel 3

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